Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Online School

There is no batter place to get education except Online School.  So we collect some good quotes and saying about online school and Online College. Hope you will like it.

Why do we need Online School?
Music: We have YOUTUBE for That.
Sport: There is a wii.
Spanish: There is Dora
English: Everythings shortened anyway.
Math: That is wahy we have calculator.
History: They are all Dead anyway.

Teacher: Did you do you homework
Student: Did you grade my test.
Teacher: I have other studen tests to grade.
Student: I have other teachers homework to do.

Online school may be hard annoying and irriaing. but admit it you going to miss it when it ends.

Get ready because tomorrow is the first Online school day.

Online school may be hard annoying and irritating. but admit it, you are going to miss it when it ends.

Online school life:
Most irritating moment, Morning Alarm,
Most difficult task: To find socks
Most dreadful journey: Way to class
most Lovely time: Meeting friends
most tragic moments: Suprise test in 1st period
Most wonderful news: Teacher is absent.

School: Seven crappy hours of our life,
Class; Come late and start sleeping,
Finals: Fuck i never actually learned shit.

When my friend is not present in Online school
5% i hope she is okey
95% how dare you leave my Alone

In your bed, Its 6 AM you close your eyes for 5 Minutes its 7;45 At Online school
its 1:30 You close your eyes for 5 minutes its 1:31.

When i say i miss online school, i mean my friends
and the fun not the online school.

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